state company for oil projects






Significant projects implemented by SCOP

SCOP implemented various projects through its long march:

Refineries and refinery units

  • Lubricant refinery in dorah

  • Basrah refinery

  • Lubricant refinery in Dorah/stage3

  • Northern refinery in Baiji

  • Lubricant refinery in Baiji

  • Lubricant refinary in Basrah

Oil and Gas fields development

  • Northern Rumaila field investment /stage1,2,3

  • Alrumaila/ Almushref reservoir development

  • Third Donation reservior development

Loading Terminals

  • Al-Bakr Terminal

  • Strategic Pipeline
  • Iraqi-Turkish Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Musul-Baiji Gas pipeline
  • Al-Mushahda-Baiji petroleum products pipelines
  • Dry Gas pipelines
  • Southern Gas pipeline
  • Iraqi-Saudi Crude oil pipeline
  • Zubeir-Fao Crude oil pipeline

Depots and Tanks

  • Al-Karkh depot
  • Al-Rasafa depot
  • Northern refinery depots in baiji
  • Hammam Al Aleel depot
  • Al Mushahda depot
  • Kirkuk depot
  • Al Tuba Tanks / capacity 82000m3